From Alaska to Florida, from Maine to the Monterey Coast, Chat Pack is proudly carried by more than 4,000 accounts nationwide ranging from high-end gift shops to car washes. Here’s just a sampling of what our retailers are currently saying about Chat Pack:

“Chat Pack sells itself! I originally brought it in for the Holidays but have found that it sells equally well all year. Open up a pack so your customers can see just how thought-provoking these questions are.”
--Joan Parks, owner of The Seasoned Woman, Tucson, AZ

“In the nine months that we have carried Chat Pack, we have already sold 200 Packs! Moms and teachers love this item. We love it because it’s a great family item, it’s easy to display, it takes up almost no counter space, and, most of all, because it sells!”
--Melissa McCollum, owner of Learning Express Toys, Cahaba Heights, AL

“A proven winner that takes up less than one square foot of space! We’ve already sold more than 300 units.”
--John Cain, owner of Rusty Rabbit, Ephraim, WI

“Great game, great price, great gift. Everyone loves Chat Pack. It’s ideal for trips, as you can just throw it in your purse and go. On a personal note, our family recently took it on a flight and we had half the plane joining in the fun!”
--Traci, manager of Poopsies, Galena, IL

“Chat Pack sells like crazy year-round. It does great for us every month.”
--Francine, co-owner of Ralph Jordan, Acton, MA

“Chat Pack is a fantastic impulse item, and it also has substance to it—these question cards foster meaningful communication and conversation.”
--Rick Lewis, owner of Logos Bookstore, Dallas, TX

“These cards are wonderful. We went on a road trip and they kept four adults happy for 3,000 miles! I can't wait to buy your next version.”
--Rita Baur, Sacramento, CA

To become part of the success, take advantage of our guaranteed-sale program and order your Chat Packs today by calling 605-260-6870. We looking forward to hearing from you.