Rep In A Box™

“Chat Pack sells like crazy year-round.”
—Francine, co-owner of Ralph Jordan, Acton, MA

RETAIL ACCOUNTS! Here’s your chance to preview Chat Pack™—the little boxes that have everyone talking!

The process couldn’t be easier: We’ll send you a 24-unit display of Chat Pack™, along with a ring of sample question cards so that your customers can interact with this fun product. Put the display out on your sales floor and watch the sales begin.

In about a week, we’ll call you to see if you have any initial comments or questions regarding Chat Pack. Then, after you’ve tried Chat Pack for 30 days, we will contact you one more time to see if you would like to continue carrying it. If you decide to move forward at that time, you can pay on the terms listed on the invoice that we include in the shipping box.

If, however, you are not completely satisfied with Chat Pack after 30 days, simply repack the unsold Chat Packs in the shipping carton they came in, and return the product and display using the pre-paid UPS label we enclose in the box. You will ONLY pay for the Chat Packs you have actually sold during the preview period.

To take advantage of this guaranteed sale, simply Contact Us with your resale tax ID #. We’ll get a display of Chat Packs sent to you right away!